Mallee View 

Naturist Bush Camping 



If you're on holidays or just getting away for a weekend, heading to South Australia's Yorke Peninsula is a great place to go. There's so many places to visit and things to see and do.

But maybe you'd like a camping area with a difference?

Here at Mallee View, we offer "Clothing Optional" Camping. Take the hassles out of 'What am I going to wear?"

Sit back, put your feet up, read a book, have a campfire with friends, go for a bush-walk or maybe get that "no lines sun-tan"

Maybe you'd like to use Mallee View as a base and go visiting Yorke Peninsula's tourist attractions during the day and return at night. It's totally up to you, it's your holiday!

About Mallee View

Mallee View is a relatively new campsite, which opened in September 2014.  

As a family, we enjoy the Yorke Peninsula area and are now inviting tourists/visitors onto our property, so you can enjoy "our" little part of the world too.

Our camping area is in natural scrub land (45 acres) which is fenced off and is secluded, peaceful and relaxing.

What we have on offer

- Camp shed for relaxing/socializing/reading/information/games or keeping warm by the inbuilt fireplace 

- Rain water tank  

- Mains Water

- Outside Campfire Pit  (Winter Only)

- Table and Chairs

- Dart-board

- Amenities 

- Plenty of space - site numbers not required

- Pet friendly

About Us

All visitors will be reminded upon entry, that respect towards others (and other campers in the camping area) will be of the highest possible standards. Anything other than this will simply "not" be tolerated.

A few Camp Rules:

- No unpleasant behavior of "any" kind will be tolerated

- No riding of any atv/motorbikes on the property will be allowed

- A speed limit of 25km/h on the property and 10km/h at the Campsite will apply

- Pets must be "under control" by their owners at all times and please remember to clean up after your Dog.

- CYP Fire restrictions apply. For more information go to the CFS Website (

- BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL (go to our Contact page)


$15.00 per couple per night

$10.00 single person per night

Campers are reminded that the Camping Area is an UNPOWERED CAMPSITE

Generators are most welcome.

More Information

For more information or bookings, please go to our "CONTACT US" page

Thank-you for reading and hope to hear from you soon!!